Notices TT 2015: Week 1


1.    College – Dancesport Cuppers 2015

2.    College – Film Night Sunday 3rd May

3.    University – Masters Forum on Exam Preparation (Monday 27th April) 

4.    University – Rag Ball Recruitment

5.    University – Bursaries for Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2015

6.    University – Call for participants

7.    University – Call for participants

8.    University – Call for participants

9.  University – Call for participants

10.  University – Call for participants

11.  Other – Cowley Road Carnival

12.  Other – Oxford Dignity Drive

13.  Other – Measure for Measure at the Oxford Playhouse



1.      Dancesport Cuppers 2015

Dancesport Cuppers 2015 is upon us! Run by Oxford University Dancesport Club, and hosted at Iffley on 16th May, 3rd Week of Trinity, it’s a great opportunity to try out Ballroom and Latin in a competitive, but enjoyable, environment. Dance either Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, or Jive, and represent your college in what is set to be one of the biggest Cuppers of the year. If you’re into Salsa or Rock n Roll, we’ve got a competition for you too. Registration form: here Any questions? Contact William Martin, william.martin[at]

 2.      Film Night – Sunday 3rd May

Film night this coming Sunday will feature pizza and ‘Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog’. It’s going to be great! 


3.      Masters Forums on Exam Preparation

For the first time, OUSU will be running centralised Masters Forums this term. These are sessions open to all Masters students in preparation for exams, and are run by a panel of staff and students covering exam technique, study skills, and self-care tips. There will also be a Q&A with the panel where you can ask whatever you need to know about Oxford exams.

The first Masters Forum will be held on Monday 27th April5.30-6.30pm, in the Larkin Room in St John’s College, which is accessible. All are welcome!

If you can’t attend this session, there will be another held in a few weeks’ time – keep an eye out for more info or email to find out more.


Want to be a part of the biggest charity ball in Oxford? We’re currently recruiting two entz officers, and a logistics officer for the committee. You’ll have the chance to choose the line-up, and decide what the guest experience looks like! 

For more information, see:

5.      Oxford Bursaries for Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2015

Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 20 – 24 July 2015 – DPhils and Early-Career Researchers

Do you work in the Humanities or support people who do? Are you interested in how the digital can help your research?

Oxford Bursaries:  DHOxSS is delighted to offer a number of bursaries (or scholarships) to doctoral students and Early-Career Researchers at the University of Oxford, thanks to the generosity of the John Fell Fund and Humanities Division. Apply by filling in the application form before 25 May 2015. Please see for more information on applying and eligibility.

Come and learn from experts with participants from around the world, from every field and career stage, to develop your knowledge and acquire new skills. Immerse yourself for a week in one of our 8 workshop strands, and widen your horizons through the keynote and additional sessions.

– An Introduction to Digital Humanities
– Crowdsourcing for Academic, Library and Museum Environments
– Digital Approaches in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
– Digital Musicology
– From Text to Tech
– Humanities Data: Curation, Analysis, Access, and Reuse
– Leveraging the Text Encoding Initiative
– Linked Data for the Humanities

Keynote Speakers:
– Jane Winters, Institute of Historical Research, University of London
– James Loxley, University of Edinburgh

Additional Lectures:
Supplement your chosen workshop with a choice from 9 additional morning sessions covering a variety of Digital Humanities topics.

Evening Events:
Join us for events every evening, include a research poster and drinks reception, guided walking tour of Oxford, the annual TORCH Digital Humanities lecture, and a dinner at Exeter College.

For more information see:

Directors of DHOxSS,
James Cummings
Pip Willcox

6.      “(Link)ability: UK Experiences of Disability in the Networked Economy.” Call for Participants
Does government surveillance impact a disabled person’s willingness to use the Internet? Are people living with disability in the UK concerned with how their disability is perceived online? When more businesses and government services are provided online, who really benefits from more disabled people using the Internet? These are a few of the questions motivating this study entitled “(Link)ability: UK Experiences of Disability in the Networked Economy.”

Over the course of May 2015, several interviews will be conducted across the UK to gather narratives of living with disability with or without the Internet in order to share responses to these questions, not to answer them definitively.

Participants are needed for interviews about surveillance, Internet use and living with disability in the United Kingdom. To participate you must:

• Be a resident of the United Kingdom
• Be over the age of 18
• Identify as disabled
• Be available for a 1 hour interview in May 2015
• No previous Internet or computer skills required

Please visit for more information.

 7.      Call for Participants – psychology study.

 Are you…

between 18 to 45?

fit and well?

light or non-smoker?

right handed?

a fluent English speaker?

– Are you considered eccentric or consider yourself different?

– Do you prefer to keep to yourself?

– Do you believe in the supernatural or things that some people find unusual?

 The study involves visiting our research facility in Oxford on three occasions. You will receive compensation for your time and reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

 We would like you to complete an online questionnaire:

 Text STUDY to 70099

Ethics REC reference: 13/NW/0727

8.      Take part in a survey on sleep and health for a chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher and further paid recruitment!

 We are interested in hearing all about your SLEEP along with your lifestyle, life experiences and current well-being!  Your information will be used to contribute to research that is designed to evaluate how to help people who struggle when things get a little hectic. Your information is INVALUABLE to us, so PLEASE take the time to complete the survey! It will only take 10-15 minutes to complete AND you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher! You may also have the option to take part in further paid research looking more in-depth into your sleep.

 Sound good?

 Click on the link to the survey below!

 This study has ethical approval from the University of Oxford Research Ethics Committee.

9.  Virtual reality research study

We are recruiting participants aged 18-70 for a psychological research study in virtual reality. Eligible men will be required to visit the lab for two 40min sessions and eligible women for one 40 min session. Our VR lab is located at the Warneford Hospital, Dept. of Psychiatry, Headington. You will be compensated for your time.

 If you would like further information about the study please email us atnr.volunteers[at]

10.  Psychological study on social contact experiences between students of different sexual orientations and gender identities

 We are looking for OU students of all sexual orientations to participate in a psychological study on social contact experiences between students of different sexual orientations and gender identities.

–    Participation takes around 15 minutes
–    We are interested in both heterosexual as well as LGBTQ students’ experiences
–    All participants have the chance to win 1x £1002x £50, and 4x £25

To participate, click here:




 Cowley Road Carnival is the major community event in Oxford’s annual calendar ( On 5th July 2015 up to 45,000 people will get together on Cowley Road to enjoy music, food, performance, art, fun and of course the procession.

 Lots of volunteer-run fundraising and participation events ( will be happening in the run up to Carnival, including a Blues Brother gig on May 9th. ON THE DAY we also need lots of VOLUNTEERS to help manage the partygoers and to make the most of the fundraising opportunities – it takes £120,000 a year to run the programme of community events and Carnival itself.  Will you come along to have fun with us and take charge of a collecting tin for the day, carry a direction sign, and sell programmes? With your help we could ask every person to give £1 of their change on the day and make a major contribution to securing Carnival for the future.

If you’d like to volunteer, or hold a fundraising event, please email events[at] 


 Oxford Dignity Drive is a drive in 2nd week (2nd-9th May) to increase access to sanitary products and feminine hygiene items for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Oxford. We’re asking for donations, both of money ( and physical donations of products (there’ll be donation boxes in colleges in second week).

 The week will include several events to raise awareness of this issue and of the wider problems facing both homeless people and menstruating people worldwide, and more information can be found on the facebook page, or get in touch at oxforddignitydrive[at]

13.  MEASURE FOR MEASURE AT THE OXFORD PLAYHOUSE – 1st Week (28th April – 2nd May)

 “Declan Donnellan’s Russian cast are so electrifyingly intense and disturbing that they make your hair stand on end.” ★★★★★

Kate Bassett for The Times

Cheek by Jowl, “one of the ten great theatre companies in the world” (Time Magazine), is returning to the Oxford Playhouse in 1st Week with a thrilling reinvention of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. 

Featuring the company’s Russian ensemble, this piercing new production delves into the depths of an unpredictable city to dissect the nature of government, love, and justice.

 Student tickets are usually only available on Wednesday, but with the discount code MEASUREOU8 reduced price tickets are available for every night of the production.

Tickets are available at: 

Simply enter MEASUREOU8 as a ‘coupon’ before the checkout to receive student discount.

Notices Hilary 2015: Week 8


1.      College – Graduate Taught Courses Library Fund

2.      College – Final Welfare Brunch of Hilary

3.      College – Movie Nights

4.      College – DPhil only event

5.      University – Nanny Opportunity

6.      University – Weekly Seminar on Miscarriage – Call for Contributions

7.      University – Research: Native English Speakers Wanted

8.      University – Psychology of Storytelling – Call for Participants

9.      University – Creative Crochet: The Power Of A Single Stitch (Event)



1.       Graduate Taught Courses Library Fund

In case MCR members on taught courses aren’t currently aware, the College has a Graduate Taught Courses Library Fund of about £1000 for the purchase of books relevant to those on taught courses. If there are any important books that you particularly need and are finding it difficult to get hold of (due to high demand, limited availability, etc.) please consider applying to the Fund. For details on how to do so, and for more information, please see the attached document ‘Fund for Graduate Taught Courses’

2.      Final Welfare Brunch in Hilary

Welfare brunch is this Sunday (15th)! There will be scrambled eggs, bagels, fruit and all the usual, and it’ll be lovely to see everyone at the final one this term.

3.      Movie Nights

There are two movie nights to look forward to this week, as last Sunday has been moved to Tuesday (9th March). Tuesday’s movie night will give you the option to vote on either The Godfather or Alexander (d. Oliver Stone 2004).

Sunday’s (15th) movie is still to be decided, but both nights will have pizza so do come along.

4.      DPhil Only Event.

Our DPhil only event will be announced later this week, but to give you all a heads up it will be on Wednesday of 9th Week (18th March) so save the date!


5.      “Nannying opportunity for gap year or postgraduate student

Central Oxford family (female academic, male vicar) seeks a part-time nanny to assist in the care of eight year old autistic boy, and his four year old brother. This is a part-time job which could be done as a post finals gap year, or alongside a postgraduate research degree. We offer free board and lodging in our vicarage in Beaumont St (three attic rooms), and a stipend of £6000. One or two year position, start summer 2015. Some experience of working with children essential, special needs experience desirable but not essential. Further details on request to





6.      CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS – ‘Miscarriage’ or Pregnancy Loss?


The Fertility and Reproductive Studies Group (FRSG) and Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology are proposing a weekly seminar in Michaelmas Term 2015 in the School of Anthropology, Oxford University on the issue of miscarriage, and the social, medical and conceptual issues surrounding it. The aim is to bring together perspectives from different medical traditions, societies, and cultures. Presentations are invited from medical professionals and social scientists on various areas around the term, issues around, and implications of “miscarriage”. Full details are at


7.      Research: Native English Speakers Wanted, Earn £5

Is English your first language? Do you want to earn £5 for 30 minutes’ work? If so, I need participants for a fun eye-tracking reading study. Email for further details. Participants should be aged 18-35, have English as a first language, and not have any reading difficulties or visual impairments (glasses/lenses are fine). You also cannot have taken part in one of my studies in the last 12 months. Thank you!

Nick Cooper, Department of Experimental Psychology


8.      Are You Interested In Storytelling? Are You Interested In Literature? Do You Want To Win £100?

 We are looking for participants for an online experiment on the psychology of storytelling conducted by the Department of Experimental Psychology. We wish to investigate what causes people to take an interest in some stories, but not others. The experiment will require participants to answer questions on a number of texts and give some information on their preferred modes of problem solving.

All participants are welcome, but we are very interested in hearing from people enrolled for (or already possessing) a qualification in one of the following disciplines: English literature, Modern or Medieval Languages, Philosophy, Linguistics, Classics, Theology, Law or History of Art.  The experiment will take from 15 to 30 minutes; all interested participants will be entered in to draw for a £100 e-voucher for click on this link to fill in the survey:

This experiment has been approved by the Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC), referenceMSD-IDREC-C1-2014-212.


9.      Creative Crochet: The Power Of A Single Stitch

FRIDAY, 13 MARCH, 6-9pm


RSVP VIA WWW.TINYURL.COM/CREATIVECROCHET BY 11.59PM ON TUESDAY, 10 MARCH (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Crochet is a simple yet extremely versatile craft that allows for personal flair. Join us for a workshop in which Mary Elizabeth Grace, the Creative Director of Olivia May and founder of Born to Bloom creations, will guide us through the numerous variations possible using a basic stitch.

We’ll be learning how to make a scarf, embellished with a flower or ribbon edge. This workshop is free, but we suggest that you bring your own materials so that you can personalise the scarf and finish it at home. A machine-washable mid-weight yarn of a cotton or cotton wool blend is recommended; this will make it wearable for every season. For the embellishments, you can bring yarn or ribbon of a complementary colour.

If you purchase your yarn and/or needle at the Oxford Yarn Store (3 North Parade Avenue), you can obtain 10% off. Ask for Karen, the owner, when you arrive. Make sure that the needle is big enough for the yarn that is chosen (check the packaging).

Olivia May is able to provide yarn and crochet needles for those who would just like to test out the stitch and not commit to finishing a scarf, but materials are in limited supply so will be first-come, first-served.

OUSU will also provide heart-warming refreshments, in the form of tea and nibbles, to keep us all sustained.

As spaces are limited, please RSVP via by 23.59 on Tuesday, 10 March (scroll to the bottom of the page). We will send email confirmations by Thursday.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email We look forward to seeing you there!




Notices HT 2015: Week 7


1.      College – St. Hilda’s Choir Gala Concert and Dinner

2.      College – Spectra Ensemble performs Franz Schreker and Lewis Coenen-Rowe

3.      College – DPhil Event

4.      College – Netball

5.      College – Lenovo Superfish Malware – advice from College

6.      College – Movie Night

7.     College/University – Torpids (Rowing Race)

8.      College/University – Oxford University International Women’s Day 2015

9.      University – Oxford University Ceilidh Band event

10.  University – MSA conference in Boston

11.  University – OUSU Teaching Awards 2015

12.  University – Antidepressant Study – call for volunteers




1.      St. Hilda’s Choir Gala Concert and Dinner

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, High Street

Concert 5:00pm

Dinner (@ St. Hilda’s) 7:00pm

The St. Hilda’s Choir and Orchestra, under the conductorship of Carson Becke (Current music MPhil student) and Dr. Jonathan Williams (Director of College Music) will perform Faure’s exquisitely beautiful Requiem at the University Church.  The concert will be followed by a celebratory formal dinner at College.  You must sign up for the dinner by Thursday at the machine in the dining hall, it is £9.50 per ticket, and you can bring guests. Once you have booked the ticket you will need to pick up a physical dining ticket at the University Church just before 5pm on the day to attend the dinner – gowns not necessary. If you are not able to come to the dinner, the concert itself is free and all are welcome. Please join us for this very special occasion, as it is also an opportunity to chat with the principal, and many Hilda’s alumni who will be coming to Oxford especially for this concert (some of them will even be singing!).


2.      Spectra Ensemble performs Franz Schreker and Lewis Coenen-Rowe

As part of the Performing Colour/Staging Sound Project, Spectra Ensemble presents:

Franz Schreker – Kammersymphonie

Lewis Coenen-Rowe – A Cosmic Joke (world premiere performance)

Matthew Reese, conductor

Jaqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda’s College

Thursday 5th March, 8pm

An exciting programme featuring Franz Schreker’s rarely performed 1917 chamber symphony alongside a specially composed new piece by St Hilda’s student Lewis Coenen-Rowe and all performed by the newly formed Spectra Ensemble. This concert is the first stage in a planned multimedia project, culminating in a fully stage performance of Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘colour opera’ The Yellow Sound next term.

Tickets only £2 on the door for students


3.      DPhil Event

Look out for a DPhil only event coming in week 8! If you’re a DPhil you’ll be getting an email soon.


4.      St Hilda’s Netball

St Hilda’s netball is looking for more people! It’s a fun side and there are matches on thursdays and sometimes at the weekends. Everyone from the MCR and JCR is welcome to play. Open to all- even if you just played at school. The facebook page is posted below. Please feel free to join if you are keen- it doesn’t matter that it’s Hilary already because the teams are made up on a match by match basis!

Facebook page:



5.      Lenovo Superfish Malware

As you may have read over the weekend it has been revealed that in recent months Lenovo has been shipping a piece of software with its consumer PCs known as Superfish. Superfish is, to put it bluntly, barely a step above malware; it makes changes to your computer’s security mechanisms that leave you especially vulnerable to ‘man in the middle’ attacks, as well as allowing a malicious website to pose as a legitimate one with an (at a glance) valid SSL/TLS certificate. While we’ve not see any attacks in the wild yet, the means are there and a proof of concept does exist.
Lenovo has released a removal tool that is available here:

This page contains additional instructions for Firefox and Thunderbird users. If your day to day browser is Firefox, please make sure that you follow the manual removal instructions detailed in the lower half of the page to ensure complete removal, after using the removal tool. Microsoft has also patched Windows Defender to remove Superfish, though as far as we are aware they are the only vendor to do so at present. We recommend using the Lenovo tool, as enabling Windows Defender will require disabling other anti-virus software.

Please be aware that this only applies to consumer equipment purchased since November 2014, and that machines acquired by the College and University are not affected that we know of.
If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

6.      Movie Night, Sunday 8th

At next week’s movie night you’ll have the option to vote on either The Godfather or Alexander (d. Oliver Stone 2004)! Come along for pizza and vote for your film of choice.


7.     Torpids – Rowing Race

Torpids will run from Wednesday to Saturday, with Hilda’s men I rowing at 1pm on Wednesday, and women’s I rowing at 2.30pm. Race starts at Donnington Bridge and finishes (at the latest) at the Head of the River. Times should be similar on the following days. The race is fairly short so take a coffee break and come cheer your college along!


8.      Oxford University International Women’s Day 2015

 Although the below event is fully booked, it’s a great opportunity and you can add yourself to the wait list!

Speakers:         Melissa Benn, Trudy Coe, Caroline Criado-Perez

Event date:      6 Mar 2015

Event time:      17:15

Venue: Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

St Hilda’s College

Cost:    Free

Celebrate International Women’s Day by reflecting on feminism’s achievements and future path. With only two months to the General Election, this is your chance to hear about the state of women’s rights and feminism from informed and diverse speakers. Hear from Melissa Benn (author of What Should We Tell Our Daughters?), Trudy Coe (Head of Oxford University’s Equality and Diversity Unit) and Caroline Criado-Perez (feminist campaigner and journalist). This event is sponsored by Women and the Humanities at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and St Hilda’s College. It is open to all and will be followed by a drinks reception.




9.      The Oxford University Ceilidh Band presents: A Spring Ceilidh!

Say goodbye to Hilary and hello to spring at OUCB’s end of term ceilidh. There’ll be a full bar – including whisky – plus every ticket comes with a free creme egg! The dances will be called, so no experience necessary. Good tunes guaranteed. To buy tickets in advance, email And check out the FB event!

Friday 13th March (8th week), doors 7:30, @ the Catholic Chaplaincy (St. Aldate’s), tickets £5.

 Facebook link:




10.  MSA conference in Boston

Call for Papers out for the MSA conference in Boston, for modernist English students.

This panel seeks to explore modernism’s relationship with traditional institutions and institutional authority. Sartre’s rejection of the Nobel Prize; the creation of the Salon des Refuses in response to Academie des Beaux-Arts’s Paris Salon; Forster, Shaw and Huxley’s rejection of British knighthood; Yeats’s creation of the Abbey Theatre: modernism initiated some of the most iconic rebellions against institutional power within the last two centuries. Equally plentiful are examples of modernists’ apparent deference to institutional authority: Pinter, Bellow, Marquez and Morrison’s acceptance of the Nobel Prize; e. e. cumming’s lectures as guest professor at Harvard; Ted Hughes’s acceptance of the position of Poet Laureate following Heaney’s rejection of it. The inclusion of modernists within the institution often caused more shock waves than their direct rebellion, however: Heidegger’s resignation as rector of the University of Freiburg because of his membership of the Nazi Party, for example, or the fight to gain institutional recognition for the graphic novel.

What is the value of the modernist refusal to join traditional institutions? What drove other modernists to seek or accept inclusion in these institutions? Can we trace an ‘inner-institutional’ rebellion, a reworking of the traditional institution from the inside? In what other ways did modernism pioneer a challenge to or reworking of “or, indeed, an acceptance of “institutional authority? More broadly, how do we understand the shift from traditional forms of patronage through court or private sponsorship to larger institutional bodies?

This panel welcomes papers on literature, literary theory, philosophy, film studies and the visual and performing arts, on any topic connected with modernism’s challenge, deference or reworking of institutional authority. Please send abstracts of 300-400 words and a brief academic biography (2-3 sentences) to Hannah Simpson at by April 10, 2015.

Conference Location: Boston, USA
Conference Starts: November 19, 2015
Conference Ends: November 22, 2015
CFP Submission Deadline: April 10, 2015



11.  OUSU Teaching Awards 2015

Is there someone in your college or department who has made a huge difference to you whilst studying here at Oxford? Do you know of someone who goes above and beyond to help students succeed? If so, why not nominate them for a award?

Nominations are open for the OUSU Teaching Awards 2015.

This year there are 4 categories of awards:

1.) Most Acclaimed Lecturer. Click here to nominate

2.) Outstanding Tutor. Click here to nominate

3.) Outstanding Grad Supervisor. Click here to nominate

4.) Best Support Staff. Click here to nominate

Nominations are now open until 9th Week. You can find out more about the awards by visiting If your nominee is shortlisted for an award, you will receive an invitation to the awards ceremony at the new Weston’s Library on Thursday 28th May 2015.

We look forward to seeing your nomination!

Oxford University Student Union

Link: OUSU Teaching Awards 2015


12.  Antidepressant Study

 Are you are male, healthy, aged between 18-55 years, fluent in English and have no history of psychiatric problems (like depression or anxiety)?

If you answered YES to all the above questions, we would love to hear from you!

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to assess the way you usually respond to frustrating or negative situations. We will then contact you if you score within a particular range. The study involves a single dose of a common antidepressant and a session of behavioural/emotional testing and we will reimburse you for your time and travel expenses. This study has been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee (ethics reference: MSD-IDREC-C3-2013-001).

Contact information:

tel. 01865223627

Notices HT 2015: Week 6

Dear MCR members,

please find below the college notices for week 6.


1.      College – Gender Equality Festival Events Schedule

2.      College – Advertisement for New Junior Dean

3.      College – History Students’ Thesis Conference: THE POLITICS OF IDENTITY

4.      College – Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium

5.      College – Movie Night, Sunday 1st



1.    Gender Equality Festival Events Schedule

Dear all,

The St. Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival is finally upon us, and there are loads of amazing events happening throughout 6th week, including guest speakers, debates, crafts, comedy and music, culminating in the annual Hilda’s Queer Bop (a celebration for people of all gender and sexual identities). All events are FREE and may be attended by people outside of college, so bring your friends! Attached to this email is a poster listing all the events, and below are the relevant Facebook event pages where any updates will be posted.

Don’t forget, the main Facebook ‘group’ for the event is here and the official ‘page’ is here


2pm, Chris Green Talk, Lady Brodie Room:

7pm, JCR/MCR celebrity feminism debate, Lady Brodie:


6pm, Zine-making workshop, Lady Brodie Room:

8pm, Film screening, Lady Brodie:


Virginia Nicholson talk, 6pm, Lady Brodie:

Film Screening (‘Vessel’), 8pm, *ST. CATZ:


4pm, Equality Welfare Tea, College Bar: Event page to come.

8.30pm, HILDALARITY (comedy & music night), College Bar:


4pm, Anneliese Dodds talk, Lady Brodie:

7.30pm, Oxford Student Feminism Discussion Panel, Lady Brodie:


4pm, Sexual Consent Workshop (sign-up required), Lady Brodie:

8.30pm, QUEER BOP (followed by Plush), College Bar:

Hope to see you there!


2.    Advertisement for New Junior Dean

“St. Hilda’s College wishes to appoint a Junior Dean (to serve alongside one other Junior Dean and one Assistant Junior Dean) for the academic year 2015-16, from 1 October 2015.  There may be the possibility of renewal for a further year thereafter.  The Junior Dean will be required to reside in college, free of charge, and will be entitled to free meals at high table, when the kitchens are open, and an honorarium of £3,000 per annum.  Applicants must be registered graduate students of the University of Oxford, and it is expected that they will be pursuing advanced study or research.”


3.    History Students’ Thesis Conference: THE POLITICS OF IDENTITY, Tuesday 24th

Tuesday 24th Feb (6th week) 3.30-5.30pm SCR St Hilda’s College.

Please join St Hilda’s History Finalists as they present their undergraduate dissertation research. You are welcome to come for one or two sessions or the entire conference.

3.30 Welcome

3.35-3.55: The Politics of Gender in the 1970s and 1980s, introduced by Neyet

Abigail – The debate over public funding for abortion in the United States, from Roe V. Wade to the Reagan administration.

Helena – The Movement for the Ordination of Women in the Church of England: 1975-1984

Alanna – The meaning of fatherhood in North-West England, 1945-1988′

4.00-4.20: Race introduced by Molly

Natalie – The Role of Women in the Black Panther Party, 1966-82

Sage – Part of the family or part of the furniture? Identity and domestic workers from the white South African perspective during apartheid and beyond c.1945-2000

4.20-4.40: Tea Break and chance to chat to the researchers

4.40-5.00: Sexuality introduced by Harriet

Stefan – The Gay Liberation Front 1970-1973, and the impact of its legacy on British gay activism

Ellen –  Gay and Lesbian Style: Sexuality, Gender and Subculture in London 1955-73

5.05-5.25: Class introduced by Caroline

Cat – Aristocratic Identities: Women, subjectivity and the London Season 1918-1939

Rowan – Youth, masculinity and popular politics 1874-1885

5.30: Close


4.    Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium, Monday 2nd

 Dear SCR, MCR and JCR Members,

Don’t miss this term’s St Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium on Monday, Week 7, 2 March 2015, 5pm – 7pm in the Lady Brodie Room.

Professor David Wallace, Professor in Philosophy of Physics, University of Oxford, will give a fascinating talk, followed by a reception, on ‘The world(s) according to quantum mechanics’.
In Professor Wallace’s own words, his talk will cover: ‘Quantum theory, by most standards one of the shining successes of 20th-century physics, is notoriously difficult to make sense of – and taking it literally as a description of the Universe seems to lead to the science-fictional idea that the world around us is just one of a great many parallel worlds. I will explain why this crazy-sounding result might nonetheless be a natural way of making sense of modern physics, and how philosophical ideas about probability and personal identity are affected, and how they contribute in turn to the physics. I will assume no prior knowledge of physics.’


5.    Movie Night, Sunday 1st

 Due to a late change last week, the movie night on Sunday 1st will be showing Star Wars.