What is the MCR?

St. Hilda’s college is composed of three main bodies:

  • Senior Common Room (SCR-the tutors and fellows),
  • Middle Common Room (MCR-those taking graduate degrees)
  • Junior Common Room (JCR-the undergraduates).

As with its Senior and Junior counterparts, the term MCR can have a number of meanings:

The collective body of all graduates and mature students in the College.

  • The committee which this body elects to represent it on College and University committees; its full name is the MCR committee but is often known as the MCR for short.
  • The executive committee are the representatives who chair the different meetings of the MCR
  • The actual room we use for our meetings and events (i.e. the graduate living room).

Throughout the term the MCR will host numerous social events. The MCR room can be found above a set of garages between the Porters’ Lodge and Hall Building, feel free to drop in when you arrive and make yourself at home.

Essentially the MCR is all about you, it’s the group in college to which you now belong, it’s the committee which represents you, and it’s your college living room where you can drink some tea, read a newspaper, watch a movie, have a party, study, and meet people.

There are regular MCR meetings that everyone is welcome to attend and all new members are encouraged to take an active part in college life. Keep an eye out for social events and make the most of what’s out there. If you have any questions just ask.