Notices TT 2015: Week 3


1.      College – MCR Elections

2.      College – Library newsletter and book sale (starts Monday 18 May)

3.      College – Performing Colour / Staging Sound 12-13 May 2015, 8pm

4.      College – Film Night 17th May

5.      University – DPhil, Medics & Post Doc. careers event on Thursday, 28 May: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

6.      Call for participants – Online Survey

7.      University – New Programme of Micro-Internships for Trinity Term 2015

8.      University – Call for participants in neuropsychological study

9.      University – Filming for BBC’s The Big Questions (call for audience members).

10.  University – Which crowdfunding platform should we choose to present our project?

11.  Other – The Tingewick Society




1.      MCR Elections

Within the next few weeks, nominations will officially open for the MCR committee 2015-2016, and elections will then be held towards the end of Trinity term. We usually reserve a few open positions for the next generation of freshers, but you will nevertheless be able to nominate yourself for any position on the committee. If you are here next year, please think about becoming involved. We would like to warmly invite anyone interested in running for a post to come speak to any member of the present committee in person with any questions, or to attend committee meetings to get an idea of what goes on.

2.      Library newsletter and book sale (starts Monday 18 May)

As noted in the Library’s Trinity newsletter (attached): “From Monday 18 May onwards, there will be a booksale of duplicates and ex-library stock in the issue desk area. Prices start at just £0.50, so make sure to take a break from studying to come and browse what is on offer! All proceeds will be used to buy new books for fiction collection.”

3.      Performing Colour / Staging Sound 12-13 May 2015, 8pm

Performing Colour / Staging Sound (Spectra Ensemble)

Sponsored by the St Hilda’s College Graduate Seminar Fund




A Cosmic Joke


The Yellow Sound (Der Gelbe Klang)

12-13 May 2015, 8pm with a pre-performance ‘conversation’ on the context of the pieces by Schreker and de Hartmann/Kandinsky in early 20th-century Viennese and German modernism by Dr Georgina Paul (St Hilda’s) and Professor Peter Franklin (Emeritus Professor of Music at St Catherine’s College) at 6:45pm in the Vernon Harcourt Room at St Hilda’s College on Tuesday 12th May (first night).

In this multimedia collaboration, four graduate students aim to present the aesthetic strands of two early twentieth-century works and their contemporary possibilities. A staged production of Kandinsky’s colour opera Der Gelbe Klang, paired with Schreker’s Kammersymphonie and Lewis Coenen-Rowe’s A Cosmic Joke, will explore the potential of staging concert works and the affective possibilities of lighting design in music.

Der Gelbe Klang, or ‘The Yellow Sound’, is a 30-minute colour opera by Kandinsky and was first published in the almanac Der Blaue Reiter in 1911. Though plans for its performance never materialised, the work was eventually completed and performed in 1982 in conjunction with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The opera is divided into six ‘pictures’ and is devoid of narrative or a plot: its emphasis is on movement, colour and expression.



4.      Film Night – Sunday 17th May 

Pizza and film night! We will be watching 8 Femmes.



5.      DPhil, Medics & Post Doc. careers event on Thursday, 28 May: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Thinking about what to do next? Looking for a new opportunity that will challenge and develop you?

If you’re thinking about the options available to you for the next stage of your career, come to our DPhil, Medics and Post Doc careers event to find out what management consulting could offer. Our team at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) includes many who have made the transition from academia to consulting, with backgrounds as diverse as medicine, tendon engineering, game theory, 18th Century literature and the history of art. This event will give you an opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a consultant and what that might mean for you. Please see the attached document for more information.

6.      Call for participants – Online Survey

Are you an Oxford student? Do you have 5 minutes to spare? OUSU and OxPolicy, Oxford’s student-led think tank, are researching student life at the University, and we need your help! Tell us about your academic and social experiences while at Oxford by filling out our online survey here

We want to find out how different students’ backgrounds prepare them for life at Oxford. Do people from some nationalities find it easier than others to integrate within the student body? What about different religious groups? Does the Oxford teaching style suit some backgrounds more than others?

These are the sort of questions we’re trying to answer, and with your help we hope to be able to think of ways that the University could provide more personalised support to its international, as well as home, students.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you, by filling out our survey you’ll be supporting the Nepal earthquake relief effort. For every 10 responses we get, we’ll donate £1 to a charity working to rebuild a rural school that has been damaged by the disaster.

7.      New Programme Of Micro-Internships For Trinity Term 2015

The Internship Office is offering a new programme of internships for Trinity Term 2015. We have teamed up with organisations in and around Oxfordshire to offer local ‘micro-internships’ of two to five days’ duration, consisting of a defined project that will be of real value to the host organisation.

If you are interested in undertaking an internship but are unsure about a longer term or international placement, consider applying for a micro-internship. All placements are accessible by public transport from central Oxford, and your travel and lunch expenses will be covered.

Micro-internships for 9th week of Trinity Term (22nd-26th June) are available in:

– Human Resources

– Charities and not-for-profit

– Sustainability and the environment

– Museums

– University of Oxford departments

You will gain an insight into the sector and develop a wide range of employability skills. To learn more about this exciting new programme and for instructions on how to apply, visit our web pages or email us Placements will open for applications on Monday 20th April, and will close on Friday 22nd May.

8.      Healthy volunteers needed for neuropsychological study

Time and expenses will be reimbursed. Healthy volunteers are needed for a study investigating the effects of naturally occurring amino acids on cognition and processing of emotions.

If you are healthy, with no history of a psychological disorder please contact Mia for more information:

9.      Filming for BBC’s The Big Questions (call for audience members).

I wanted to get in touch with you because we will be broadcasting live from Wychwood School in Oxford on Sunday 17th May and we’re looking to invite engaged members of the local community to be part of our audience.

I hope this will be of interest to your students and I would be so grateful if you could forward the below information on to your mailing lists.

ABOUT THE BIG QUESTIONS: The show itself features specially invited front-row speakers who have a particular interest, expertise or personal story that relates to one of the week’s debates. These speakers debate in front of a wider studio audience. While we cannot guarantee everyone the opportunity to speak, our audience is sometimes invited to contribute to the discussion too.

PRACTICAL DETAILS: We will be recording two episodes in Oxford…

– The first episode will be a live broadcast which requires the audience to be on location at 8:30am on Sunday 17th May. This will be a more topical programme revolving around the week’s news events

– The second episode will be a pre-record which will air on Sunday 31st May and requires the audience to be on location at 12:30pm on Sunday 17th May. This will be a special programme revolving around one question – Is God the problem?

HOW TO APPLY: If anyone would like a seat in our audience, please contact or 0141 611 9626. Please include your full name and a contact telephone number.

10.  Which crowdfunding platform should we choose to present our project?

Venue: Oxford Launchpad, Saïd Business School

Date: 12th of May 2015

Time: 19:00 – 20:00

The presenter will introduce different crowdfunding platforms which serve different purposes, for instance education-related initiatives, charitable works, new products and start-ups.

Presenter: Shan Huang, DPhil student at the Department of Education, Founder of OxFund

We encourage you to sign up through our Facebook Event

OxFund – the Crowdfunding Society for Oxford Students





Fund OxFund to run events:



11.  The Tingewick Society

We are delighted to invite you to the Tingewick Fête, on Saturday, 16th May from 3 – 7 pm, in the Osler House Gardens at the John Radcliffe Hospital. The event will feature live music, from the Ultrasounds, the Aneurhythms and Sham Jack; traditional fête activities, including face painting, magicians, and games; and various refreshment stalls, including ice cream, candy floss and Pimms tent.

This year we are supporting the Mind your Head Campaign, an Oxford based charity that seeks to raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental illness, and the Silver Line, a national charity that provides a 24 hour helpline for older people. To support these causes, we will be charging £6 a ticket, or £5.27 in advance via our website (children go free). If you would like to find out more about our two amazing charities, please visit and .

12.  Cowley Road Carnival

Cowley Road Carnival is the major community event in Oxford’s annual calendar ( On 5th July 2015 up to 45,000 people will get together on Cowley Road to enjoy music, food, performance, art, fun and of course the procession.

Lots of volunteer-run fundraising and participation events (  will be happening in the run up to Carnival, including a Blues Brother gig on May 9th. ON THE DAY we also need lots of VOLUNTEERS to help manage the partygoers and to make the most of the fundraising opportunities – it takes £120,000 a year to run the programme of community events and Carnival itself.  Will you come along to have fun with us and take charge of a collecting tin for the day, carry a direction sign, and sell programmes? With your help we could ask every person to give £1 of their change on the day and make a major contribution to securing Carnival for the future.

If you’d like to volunteer, or hold a fundraising event, please email