St Hilda’s & University Notices

Bonjour MCR

Happy week 5! I hope everyone is doing well and coping with any deadline or exam stress.

Please find your St Hilda’s and University notices listed below for your perusal. If you have any queries please do drop me an email.


1. MONDAY: Feminist Discussion Group 2. WED-SAT: Summer Eights 3. THURSDAY: Yoga 4. SUNDAY: Welfare Brunch 5. MCR Election 6. MCR Book Club – Rescheduled 7. Bike Registration 8. Mail Redirection 9. Storage 10. A few notices from the Chapel


11. Are You A Synaesthete? 12. RAG Dodgeball Tournament 13. St Hugh’s Bop: Mathletes & Athletes 14. Human Rights and Reporting (TODAY) 15. Your Masters Degree. What Next? 16. HallSurfing 17. Oxford Hub Library Curtain Making EXTRAVAGANZA! 18. Wolfson COMMUNIST BOP 19. Oxford University Freshers’ Fair 2012 20. The Oxford Shakespeare Festival (a.k.a. BardFest 2012)

**Please scroll down for more information on each notice below**


1. MONDAY: Feminist Discussion Group @ MCR

Join Hamsa Rajan in this thought-provoking and engaging weekly discussion on all things feminist from 8.00pm! Whether you’re a committed feminist and are eager for in depth discussion or simply interested in the topic and look forward to listening in, all are welcome and encouraged to come! Given the distinct history of St. Hilda’s College in Oxford this will undoubtedly be a popular event each week. Feel free to drink copious amounts of tea and eat non sensical amounts of cake; the MCR is well equipped thanks to our trusty Domestic Officer Vicky Hammond.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact

Your College Welfare Team

Please find below a message from your welfare team:

Dearest MCR,

I hope everyone is doing well and coping with stress, exam-flavoured or otherwise. As well as our Sunday brunches, this is just to let you know about some upcoming events in college designed wit your mental and physical well being in mind :) Also a reminder of some useful contacts if you every need them. We could all use support from time to time!

You can always contact either myself (Amr) or Muireann by email or in person if you need help with information about welfare resources, or even if you just need a listening ear. We always respect confidentiality.

There are also trained peer supporters that can also be contacted in confidence with any issues you maybe struggling with. There is an attachment with all of their contact details.

A special thank you to the JCR welfare officers for organising the following events:

Peer support free tea and coffee

If you’re in need of a break from the library, come down down to Hall Terrace Room 8.30-9.30pm on Monday-Thursday evenings for time out to chat and for refreshments courtesy of your peer supporters. This will be EVERY Mon-Thurs until the end of term. Keep an eye out for the posters around the library too! Peer Support Love xxxxx

All the best,

MCR welfare team

Amr Aswad: Muireann Meehan Speed:

doc iconPeer Supporters Poster Trinity 2012.docx