Notices HT 2015: Week 6

Dear MCR members,

please find below the college notices for week 6.


1.      College – Gender Equality Festival Events Schedule

2.      College – Advertisement for New Junior Dean

3.      College – History Students’ Thesis Conference: THE POLITICS OF IDENTITY

4.      College – Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium

5.      College – Movie Night, Sunday 1st



1.    Gender Equality Festival Events Schedule

Dear all,

The St. Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival is finally upon us, and there are loads of amazing events happening throughout 6th week, including guest speakers, debates, crafts, comedy and music, culminating in the annual Hilda’s Queer Bop (a celebration for people of all gender and sexual identities). All events are FREE and may be attended by people outside of college, so bring your friends! Attached to this email is a poster listing all the events, and below are the relevant Facebook event pages where any updates will be posted.

Don’t forget, the main Facebook ‘group’ for the event is here and the official ‘page’ is here


2pm, Chris Green Talk, Lady Brodie Room:

7pm, JCR/MCR celebrity feminism debate, Lady Brodie:


6pm, Zine-making workshop, Lady Brodie Room:

8pm, Film screening, Lady Brodie:


Virginia Nicholson talk, 6pm, Lady Brodie:

Film Screening (‘Vessel’), 8pm, *ST. CATZ:


4pm, Equality Welfare Tea, College Bar: Event page to come.

8.30pm, HILDALARITY (comedy & music night), College Bar:


4pm, Anneliese Dodds talk, Lady Brodie:

7.30pm, Oxford Student Feminism Discussion Panel, Lady Brodie:


4pm, Sexual Consent Workshop (sign-up required), Lady Brodie:

8.30pm, QUEER BOP (followed by Plush), College Bar:

Hope to see you there!


2.    Advertisement for New Junior Dean

“St. Hilda’s College wishes to appoint a Junior Dean (to serve alongside one other Junior Dean and one Assistant Junior Dean) for the academic year 2015-16, from 1 October 2015.  There may be the possibility of renewal for a further year thereafter.  The Junior Dean will be required to reside in college, free of charge, and will be entitled to free meals at high table, when the kitchens are open, and an honorarium of £3,000 per annum.  Applicants must be registered graduate students of the University of Oxford, and it is expected that they will be pursuing advanced study or research.”


3.    History Students’ Thesis Conference: THE POLITICS OF IDENTITY, Tuesday 24th

Tuesday 24th Feb (6th week) 3.30-5.30pm SCR St Hilda’s College.

Please join St Hilda’s History Finalists as they present their undergraduate dissertation research. You are welcome to come for one or two sessions or the entire conference.

3.30 Welcome

3.35-3.55: The Politics of Gender in the 1970s and 1980s, introduced by Neyet

Abigail – The debate over public funding for abortion in the United States, from Roe V. Wade to the Reagan administration.

Helena – The Movement for the Ordination of Women in the Church of England: 1975-1984

Alanna – The meaning of fatherhood in North-West England, 1945-1988′

4.00-4.20: Race introduced by Molly

Natalie – The Role of Women in the Black Panther Party, 1966-82

Sage – Part of the family or part of the furniture? Identity and domestic workers from the white South African perspective during apartheid and beyond c.1945-2000

4.20-4.40: Tea Break and chance to chat to the researchers

4.40-5.00: Sexuality introduced by Harriet

Stefan – The Gay Liberation Front 1970-1973, and the impact of its legacy on British gay activism

Ellen -  Gay and Lesbian Style: Sexuality, Gender and Subculture in London 1955-73

5.05-5.25: Class introduced by Caroline

Cat – Aristocratic Identities: Women, subjectivity and the London Season 1918-1939

Rowan – Youth, masculinity and popular politics 1874-1885

5.30: Close


4.    Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium, Monday 2nd

 Dear SCR, MCR and JCR Members,

Don’t miss this term’s St Hilda’s College Philosophy Symposium on Monday, Week 7, 2 March 2015, 5pm – 7pm in the Lady Brodie Room.

Professor David Wallace, Professor in Philosophy of Physics, University of Oxford, will give a fascinating talk, followed by a reception, on ‘The world(s) according to quantum mechanics’.
In Professor Wallace’s own words, his talk will cover: ‘Quantum theory, by most standards one of the shining successes of 20th-century physics, is notoriously difficult to make sense of – and taking it literally as a description of the Universe seems to lead to the science-fictional idea that the world around us is just one of a great many parallel worlds. I will explain why this crazy-sounding result might nonetheless be a natural way of making sense of modern physics, and how philosophical ideas about probability and personal identity are affected, and how they contribute in turn to the physics. I will assume no prior knowledge of physics.’


5.    Movie Night, Sunday 1st

 Due to a late change last week, the movie night on Sunday 1st will be showing Star Wars. 

Notices HT 2015: Week 5

Dear MCR members,

here are the college notices for week 5, compiled for you by our new MCR secretary Robyn.



  1. College – Cocktail Night Ceilidh
  2. College – Piano Recital by Carson Becke
  3. College – Tickets for St Hilda’s Ball
  4. College – Launch of the annual St. Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival
  5. College – Speakers needed for Gender Equality Debate
  6. College – Weekly Movie Nigh


1. Cocktail Night Ceilidh, Friday 20th.

Don’t forget that the sign up and payment deadline for Cocktail night is this Wednesday (18th)! Come to the JdP music building in St. Hilda’s on Friday for a night of creative cocktails in the foyer followed by ceilidh dancing in the auditorium! The ticket price (£5 MCR, £7 guests) includes 3 cocktails and an evening of entertainment and dancing. We are delighted to welcome the Oxford University Ceilidh Band (, who will be leading us on a musical romp.

Sign-up sheet:

Facebook event:

2. Piano Recital by Carson Becke at University Church, Sunday 22nd

This coming Sunday, the 22nd of February, St. Hilda’s MCR member Carson Becke will be playing a solo piano recital at The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin on High Street at 17:00.  Entry is free, with a retiring collection.  Carson is currently an Mphil in Music Performance Student.  He is performing a program of music by Haydn, Chopin, Debussy and others – a poster for the concert is attached.  If you are looking for some Sunday evening entertainment, I’m sure it will be a great concert!


3. Tickets for St Hilda’s Ball

For everyone that has tickets, don’t forget that the first payment deadline is at midnight tonight (Monday 16th). For anyone that does not have a ticket but still wants to come, there are graduate specific dinning tickets still available!

Ticket link:


4. Launch of the annual St. Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival, Thursday 19th

This Thursday is the launch party for the annual St Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival, and also the launch party for the Queer Bop! We have been told to expect FEMINIST T-SHIRT MAKING (bring your own t-shirts), GLITTER, and GIRL POWER MUSIC. Get to the JCR Bar from 8.30 for a night of fun, DIY and smashing the heteronormative patriarchy.

Facebook event:


5. Speakers needed for Gender Equality Debate between JCR and MCR, Monday 23rd

Are you interested in gender equality and feminism? The St. Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival is hosting a debate between the JCR and the MCR on Monday of 6th week, the 23rd of February, at 19.00. The motion is: ‘This House believes that Celebrity Feminism is a force for good.’ From Emma Watson’s HeforShe campaign, to the Chanel catwalk, to Beyoncé’s ‘Flawless’, 2014 charted the rise of a new type of feminism: cool, fun and celebrity approved. But does feminism need to be rebranded to become more appealing to the masses? Or is it merely being invoked without being properly explored?

Speakers can argue for or against, will only need to talk for 2-3 minutes, and will be put on the bar tab at our comedy event, Hildalarity. There will also be a special prize for best speaker. Everyone is welcome to speak, regardless of gender identity or political persuasion. Please if you’re at all interested.



6. Weekly Movie Night, Sunday 20th

It was great to see so many people at movie night last week, and we hope to see you again this time! The film this Sunday will be Star Wars: A New Hope, so come down to the MCR Common room at 8pm for pizza and a classic film.


Notices HT 2015: Week 1

Dear Graduates,

We hope you’ve had a nice break. Please find below the notices for this first week of Hilary term:

College Notices

1. Oxford Literary Festival

For those of you more into Blackwell’s than Maxwell’s, the Oxford Literary Festival tickets are now on sale. As usual, Hilda’s is the only college to have a special date for its alumnus and friends. Details on the day, including links to buy tickets, are down below.  Note the 10% discount on the phone for university graduates.


University Notices

1 Disabled Students Survey

If you’re a disabled student, please fill in this survey from OUSU’s Disabled Students Officer. It’s essential we have good data so we can fight to make this university accessible and inclusive.

2. Skin Conditions Research

Young People & Skin Conditions – Volunteers Wanted

Have you experience of acne, alopecia, eczema and/or psoriasis?

Are you aged 14-22?

Do you want to share your story to help other people going through the same thing?

I am a researcher at the University of Oxford, looking for people aged 14-22 to interview about their experiences of living with a skin condition. This research will help produce a new section on the young people’s part of on acne, alopecia, eczema and psoriasis. This unique, award winning website is run by a national charity and allows you to watch, listen and read young people talking about their real-life experiences of health, illness and lifestyles.

If you would like to take part in an interview or want to find out more, please contact Abi McNiven:

3. Oriel/Somerville Equalities Week

Calling all artists! Next month, Oriel is putting on an exhibition of local & students’ art representing inspirational LGBTQ figures from history. We are looking for anything from quick portrait sketches to paintings, collages, zines, graphic design, sculptures, etc. – anything that gets your creative juices flowing. So far, we have pictures of Andy Warhol, Audre Lorde, Conchita Wurst, Radclyffe Hall, Sappho and Eleanor Roosevelt in progress, but we’re hoping for more! The deadline is 4th week of Hilary term 2015. If you’d like to contribute, please email Oriel JCR’s LGBTQ rep at

4. Health Matters

See the attached poster for information on a really important event, being held by OUSU in conjunction with the local NHS, on depression and talking therapies. Any student with depression, or suspects they have depression, or is concerned for a friend can benefit from learning more about how talking therapies can be a real help in supporting those with depression, and the event is an important setting to demonstrate to those with depression that they are not alone. The event could also be useful for those with anxiety.

5. International Careers Day

Saturday 24 January 2015, Exam Schools Oxford

Exhibitors from 11.00-15.00


• International Development

• International Policy

• Governmental Careers

• International Law

• International Academia (Social Sciences,

Humanities and Sciences)

• Interpreting and Translating

• Routes into International Organisations


• Adam Smith International

• Balloon Ventures

• BMW Group

• Christian Aid

• College of Europe

• EF Education First

• EU Institutions

• The Internship Programme

• Oxford Policy Management Ltd

• Raleigh International

• RAND Europe

• RBB Economics


• Study in Australia

• US-UK Fulbright Commission

• World Quant LLC


• The British Exploring Society

• German Foreign Service

• Infosys

• International Committee of the

Red Cross

• Millar Cameron

• Project Rousseau

• RAND Europe

• RBB Economics

• The World Bank

6. The Oxford University Internship Programme 2015 goes live on 18th January!

The Internship Programme (OUIP) offers hundreds of summer research and professional experiences for Oxford students in 40 countries, including Brazil, Russia, China and India. Opportunities are available in a huge variety of sectors including International Development, Research, Policy, Publishing, Education, Finance, Heritage, Natural Resources and the environment and more. These internships are open for application exclusively to current matriculated Oxford University students, undergraduates and postgraduates, including those in their final year of study. This year there are many new and exciting scholarship opportunities to support internships obtained through the programme.

The Internship Programme placements are provided by our international and UK-based alumni, by multi-national corporations, world-leading NGOs, cutting-edge research institutions and many other organisations. Internships can help students clarify career goals and provide valuable work and research experience; as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore a new culture whilst developing personal skills and confidence outside of the academic environment.

The Internship Programme will be launching its international internships for 2015 on January 18th, with an application deadline of February 22nd. UK opportunities will be listed after 23rd February.

There are already hundreds of internships on offer and new opportunities will keep appearing throughout January. Students can stay up to date by checking CareerConnect, signing up to our email alert and visiting the Internship Office blog. Email with any questions.

7. Positive Minds—mental health support groups for low mood and mild depression

Positive Minds is a six-week course run that has been designed for university students with mild depression or individuals who have experienced depression before and would like to take steps now to prevent future episodes of depression. The Positive Minds course has been designed by Student Minds in collaboration with Students Against Depression to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. If you are interested in learning new ideas to help you keep your university experience a positive one, this course is for you! You can also learn more about the course at

If you would like to attend, beginning in Hilary 2015, or have any questions, please get in touch with us at If you cannot attend in Hilary but are still interested, do get in touch anyway!

We are also looking for volunteers to facilitate Positive Minds sessions at this stage. If you are interested in applying to become a group facilitator, we encourage you to apply at, or if you have any questions before you apply, you can email us at Recruitment closes in January 2015.

Please note: We do not believe that the course is not suitable for individuals with more severe depression and is not an appropriate place for support if you are or have recently been feeling suicidal. We do, however, encourage you to book an appointment with your university counsellor or your local GP. We also encourage you to visit Students Against Depression, which is a valuable website that may give you the support you need

Participate at the 45th St. Gallen Symposium in May 2015

Would you like to discuss the world’s most pressing issues with leaders like Dominic Barton, McKinsey & Company, Professor Niall Ferguson, Harvard University Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund or Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, President of the Republic of Singapore?

Share your ideas with the global elite and win EUR 20,000.– prize money. Seize your opportunity and qualify as one of 200 “Leaders of Tomorrow” for the 45thSt. Gallen Symposium by competing for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award. This includes the following highlights:

-        Free participation as “Leader of Tomorrow” in the 45th St. Gallen Symposium

-        Meet 600 top managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists from more than 60 nations

-        Small and intimate gatherings with world leaders, exclusively for the Leaders of Tomorrow

-        Meet 200 of the world’s brightest young minds and become member of a strong global community

-        Expenses covered (travel, board and lodging)

-        Share your ideas with the symposium’s global audience

-        Broad media coverage

The St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award is the world’s largest and most renowned essay competition of its kind. The 45th St. Gallen Symposium will be held from 5–8 May 2015 under the topic “Proudly Small” and will, as every year, follow its mission as the leading global platform for intergenerational debates. The submission deadline for the competition is 1 February 2015.

We invite you to have a look at the competition questions and requirements at You may also want to share the information about this experience with your friends and follow us on

We are looking forward to hopefully welcoming you in May 2015 in Switzerland.